Bitter Cold is Back; Chicago Area on Track for Coldest Winter

Recording below-zero temps this late in the winter season is rare, according to Chicago meteorologist Tom Skilling's Weather Center blog

The bitter cold is back. 

A wind chill advisory is in effect through noon today for northern Illinois. Wind chill values could reach 20 to 30 below zero and wind gusts could reach as high as 30 mph, according to the National Advisory. 

Wind chill values could again dip to 20 to 30 below zero Thursday morning, according to the NWS. Friday morning should also be cold and wind chill values of 20 to 30 below could affect north central Illinois—west of the Fox River Valley 

Meanwhile, the Chicago area has recorded 22 days of sub-zero temperatures making this winter season, so far, the fourth coldest on record. The Chicago area's coldest winter occurred in 1884-85 when there were 25 days of sub-zero temps. 

If Chicago sees temps below zero on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, this winter season will tie with the coldest winter on record, according to meteorologist Tom Skilling's Chicago Weather Center blog. 

Recording below-zero temps this late in the winter season is rare, according to the Weather Center blog. Only 33 of the 1,183 sub-zero days days — or just 3 percent — recorded since 1871 have happened after Feb. 25, according to the blog. 

Read more on the wind chill advisory on the NWS website. Check out Tom Skilling's blog here. 


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