Find a Home for Fetch-Loving Gino

This frisky mutt likes other dogs, behaves on a leash, returns when called and learns quickly. Could you give him a home?

The following Adopt Me! information is provided by A Caring Place:

GINO is a 25 pound, 5 year old mixed breed dog who is likely a Cairn Terrier mix. Gino loves to play fetch with any toy or ball, loves to snuggle into a bedding spot and hang out. He seems well mannered in the home as well as housebroken. Gino appears to be ok with other dogs in addition to his brother. This little guy doesn’t seem to ask for a whole lot - is happy to see you when you return to the home, gladly bringing you a toy and wagging his whole body, enjoying a loving pet from his foster. He wants to be in the same room with his foster mom, but doesn’t pester or fuss.

Outside Gino “protects” his yard by barking at potential intruders and little furry critters. He enjoys running around and surveying the area, but will quickly come when called back inside. Gino can be walked on a leash and would enjoy and benefit from daily walks. He is also quick to respond to correction looking for direction and guidance. He would do best with an owner who shows leadership and direction in a kind and assertive way.

Gino is approved for households with adults and children over 12 years. If you think you might be Gino’s new owner/family, please contact us at 630-375-7976or through email at acaringplace@comcast.net.  He has been neutered, inoculated against diseases, dewormed, tested for Heartworm Disease (Negative) and placed on monthly preventative, plus microchipped. Adoption Applications are available online through our website's home page -www.acaringplacehs.org


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