La Grange Train Station Now Open after December Crash

After a month of the ticket office being closed since a van drove through the station wall, the station finally reopened this week.

One month after a van drove through the wall of the La Grange Road Metra train station, the station and office are now open for business again, the Chicago Tribune reports.

According to the paper, the damage to the station has not been fully repaired by Metra, who say they have no timetable for completing a permanent fix, but what has been done is sufficient to reopen the waiting room and the ticket-agent office.

"I had to take the train last week, and I'm not a regular user, so I couldn't buy a ticket," La Grange resident John Matthews told the paper. "You could buy it on a train but then you have to pay more."

(A Metra spokesman told the paper that in circumstances where ticket agents could not be available during ordinary times, extra costs to buy on-train would not be charged.)

Read the full story at the Chicago Tribune website.


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