This Christmas Season Tough for O'Laughlin Family

But there has been the occasional bright spot, like this story about what a bloodhound dog named after Kelli just did.

The second Christmas season since 14-year-old Kelli O'Laughlin was slain in her Indian Head Park home has been tougher for the girl's family than the first, "when the numbness had yet to wear off," The Doings Western Springs reports.

However, the paper also reports that Kelli's mother, Brenda O'Laughlin, did get good news of a sort recently when the Cook County Sheriff's office called to tell her that a bloodhound named for Kelli had saved a life on her first-ever assignment by finding someone in the woods who had allegedly just attempted to take his own life.

“I was so excited, because of what had happened earlier that day. I found an angel hovering over a child, and then the Kelli dog goes out and finds someone,” O’Laughlin told the paper, referring to having found one of her daughter's Christmas ornaments a few hours before learning of the dog's heroics. “It was special.”

Read the full story at the Doings Western Springs website.


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