Western Springs Rotary: Making Changes for the Better

Many local residents take our village assets for granted. But, they are the result of many clubs and organizations, especially the Rotary.

Downtown Clock, another Rotary Project
Downtown Clock, another Rotary Project

The next time you drive through the Village, you should take a minute to think of all the things we have that are the result of the Western Springs Rotary.  Oh, the pedestal clock on Burlington Avenue might be the most obvious.  But, their list of accomplishments is long and varied.


Ever since 1956, the local Rotary has been supporting community-oriented projects.  Among them has been the landscaping on the Tower Green, construction of the shelter house in lower Spring Rock Park, donation of wheelchairs to LaGrange Memorial Hospital, the installation of benches at the train station, and the provision of pagers and paramedic telemetry equipment for the Western Springs Fire Department.


But, service to youth is also one of the Rotary’s primary goals. Over the years, the Rotarians have provided countless scholarships to Lyons Township graduates, as well as supporting McClure Junior High’s language arts and mathematics programs and foreign student exchanges.


What is the Rotary?  It is an organization of business and professional men and women that meets weekly, usually at a 7 a.m. breakfast, to enjoy each other’s company and to develop community service goals.


Perhaps one of the most memorable Rotary activities in the village was the sponsorship of the “Harvest Days” festival, which was held in Spring Rock Park during the 1980’s. A Ferris wheel, dunk tank, hot air balloon rides and other amusements were a big draw.  And, the profits were donated to the Park District to better serve the community.  


This summer, the Rotary will again sponsor its annual steak fry held on the Tower Green.  Dedicated to supporting veterans, this event is just one more tangible sign that the Western Springs Rotary is alive and well in Western Springs.


Each week, the Western Springs Historical Society presents a “Blast from the Past”. To view prior stories, visit us at www.westernspringshistory.org.  


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