Ask a Stylist: What Hairstyle is in this Holiday Season?

In the latest edition of Patch's "Ask a Stylist" series, Salon Hype owner Ross Bartolomei tackles hairstyles for the holiday season.

Every so often on Patch, Salon Hype owner Ross Bartolomei answers a question about the ubiquitous discussion topic that is our hair. 

Got a question for Ross? Email it to joe.odonnell@patch.com.

Question: What's in for holiday hair in 2012?

Answer: Holiday hair is fun and 60s inspired this season. With this look you definitely want to show off your neck line and shoulders. Hair is off the face slightly, teased on top, and pulled back into a pony tail.

With the pony tail, there are a couple of options. It can be curled, and I'm talking about spiral, large loose curls, or the pony tail can be loosely braided down off the front of one shoulder.

I recommend visiting your local beauty supply store and look for clip-in hair pieces. These are super easy to use, but here's the key: make sure they are made of real hair. If you don't feel comfortable selecting the right hair for you, ask your stylist. At Salon Hype we do this for various occasions and it's a great look.

Also, to complete your holiday party look add sparkle, and don't forget those red lips!


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