Want to Own a Piece of Madison Street? Village Approves Sale of Street Lights.

Commissioners unanimously approved the sale of the old decorative street lights that recently lined Madison Street. The lights were recently replaced by LEDs, with funds going to support the Forest Park Food Pantry.

Forest Park commissioners unanimously approved the sale of the village's old decorative street lights to the public, with the funds going to support the Forest Park Food Pantry on Monday evening.

The village's street lights are currently being replaced by more efficient LED lights, and the board decided that rather than keep the old lights in storage, they would sell them off.

Village Manager Tim Gilliam reported to commissioners during the meeting that the new LED lights were largely installed in the north side of the village already, with work to being on the south side of Forest Park this week.

A total of forty decorative street lights that once lined Madison Street will now be sold off.

The village discussed the sale of the lights at their last meeting, with Commissioner Tom Mannix suggesting the proceeds of the light's sales could go to support the Forest Park Food Pantry.

"It would be a win-win," Mannix said.

According to Gilliam, there's no set price for the lights, which could be re-used for a range of home projects. A donation to the food pantry will be required though.

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