Types of Teas & Their Health Benefits

Types of Teas & Their Health Benefits

But which type of teas are the best? Before we differentiate between several different teas,  all teas (black, green, oolong and white) come from the same plant, camellia sinensis. What gives each tea it's particular qualities is in the processing of this particular plant to create different varieties of tea.  Here are several different varieties of teas and the many health benefits they provide:

Black Tea

Black tea is probably the most commonly consumed and most popular of all the teas. It also contains the highest amount of caffeine of most teas (approximately 40 mg), but not nearly as much as 1 - 8 oz cup of coffee (100 mg). The low amounts of caffeine in black tea promote blood flow in the brain without over stimulating the heart, this helps to promote mental focus and concentration.
One of black teas greatest benefits is its’ ability to keep the immune system healthy and strong. It is high in a number of antioxidants, including quercetin. Quercetin is  a substance found to combat inflammation and support healthy immune function.  Black tea can help you start off your day energized and alert without giving you the jittery feelings of coffee. My Favorites: Stash Chai Black

Green Tea
Green tea is extremely rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly EGCG, which is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Besides inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, it actually has the ability to kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. EGCG has also been found to be extremely powerful in the prevention of heart disease and assists in keeping cholesterol levels healthy. The fat burning effects of green tea can are not just because of the caffeine content which enhances metabolism. The catechins in green tea have been found to force the body into thermogenesis, driving it to burn fat as its energy source. Green tea has also been shown to cause carbohydrates to be released slowly, preventing rises in blood-insulin levels and keeping the body at an ideal blood sugar balance for fat burning. My favorites: Stash Chai Green Tea, Yogi Green Tea Triple Echinacea, Yogi Green Tea Muscle Recovery, Yogi Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant

Oolong/Wu-long Tea

While green tea has been the drink of choice for fat burning, wu-long tea has been shown to burn 1.57x more fat than green tea. The only difference between green tea and wu-long tea is in the processing of the tea leaves, making the beneficial properties of each just slightly different. Oolong/wu-long tea is greatly beneficial in reducing and maintaining weight by encouraging  your body to use more fat for energy, resulting in accelerated fat burning and, of course, weight loss. Many of the same fat burning properties, mentioned above for green tea, have been found in wu-long tea but the effects seem to be more pronounced. My Favorites: Republic of Tea Dragon Oolong

Tea has been an important beverage for thousands of years and has been a huge part of culture in countries around the world. It obviously has numerous health benefits, so why not add a cup to your day this holiday season. Please comment on teas you have tried and any affects you

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