Prosecutor: Accused Murderer Said 'Let Him Die,' Bail Set at $250,000

Carl M. Spoeri, 55, of La Grange Park, has been charged with murder in the death of his stepdaughter's boyfriend.

Carl M. Spoeri, 55, of La Grange Park, stood in bond court this morning in a red shirt and track pants, showing no emotion as the state's attorney read the charges against him.

in the death of his stepdaughter's boyfriend, Bojan Zigic, 26, of Brookfield, who police said died at 1:30 p.m. Thursday from injuries sustained during a fight between the two men Monday evening in La Grange Park.

Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Sara McGann requested a $5 million bond, but the judge set bond at $250,000. Spoeri will need to post $25,000 to be released. As a condition of bond, Spoeri is to have no contact with Zigic's family, other than the 3-month-old child of Zigic and Spoeri's stepdaughter, who lives in Spoeri's home on the 200 block of Kings Court in La Grange Park.

According to McGann, Spoeri's stepdaughter and Zigic had been living at Spoeri's home for the past nine months. Following an argument between Spoeri's stepdaughter and her mother on Monday morning, the couple was told to move out.

Zigic and his girlfriend returned to the home later in the day to pick up their belongings with a few friends, McGann said. They were almost finished when Spoeri came home from work and got into an argument with Zigic in front of the house.

Zigic was punched in the head twice and then slapped in the face before falling to the ground and hitting his head on the bumper of a car, knocking him unconscious, McGann said.

According to McGann, Spoeri then said to his stepdaughter, "Let Bojan die. He's not worth it."

Police were called to the home at 8 p.m. on Monday for a report of an injured man. Zigic was taken by La Grange Park ambulance to Loyola University Medical Hospital in Maywood where he underwent surgery to reduce swelling in his brain. He never regained consciousness, McGann said in court.

Spoeri's attorney, James Chess, said that he planned to dispute the charge of first-degree murder. He  said that it was unreasonable for Spoeri to know that striking a healthy 26-year-old man twice in the head would lead to his death. Additionally, Chess said, it was Zigic's head striking the bumper that killed him, not Spoeri's punches.

Chess added that his client was genuinely remorseful for Zigic's death.

Chess argued that his client was not a flight risk and has shown that he will show up for court appearances in the past. He said he is the family's primary means of financial support and he would lose his job if he did not return to work. Spoeri has worked as a mechanic at UPS for the past 20 years and as a part-time mechanic in Berwyn. 

Ultimately, Judge Stanley L. Hill ordered bond would be set at $250,000.

Following the decision, Spoeri's wife said their daughter had not left home and was not asked to leave. Zigic was told he would need to start paying rent in order to support his family if he wanted to stay.

Spoeri is scheduled to appear in court again on Aug. 30 for a preliminary hearing at 9 a.m. in room 102 at the Cook County Courthouse in Maywood.

Jade Smith September 04, 2012 at 09:11 AM
I wonder why his friends did nothing to stop this if he was being beaten so bad? I read the story and it seems odd that this man would open his home to him to only want to see him dead! I claim to know nothing of the situation and am sorry beyond words that Bojan life was lost in this tragic event. But this is AMERICA and there is always two sides to a story and the only one being heard is from the understandably devastated fiancée! "Hell has no fury like a women scorn!" I don't believe the father in laws intention was to kill him. But he will have his day in court and is innocent until proven guilty! First degree murder is meant for when a killing is deliberate, manslaughter is suggests at the most there was intent to harm rather than to kill! Seems they will lose this based on the charge they have put on the father! The judge or jury has to find him guilty of permeditated or deliberate intent to kill and I do not see who they could find him guilty of that when two of Bojan's friends did nothing to stop it! Or at least from any story I have read in conjunction with this event! My heart and prayers go out to both family's and I feel horrible for their "Erica and Bojan" son he will have to grow up with this event looming over his life from both sides of his family and I hope they all can for the sake of the child make it so his fathers memory is one of good memories of him not of one horrible day!
Cheryse September 04, 2012 at 02:59 PM
I feelthat just pray that justice is done because god is the only one who knows what the truth is in this matter. yes carl will pay for what he did a young mans life was taken and he shouldnt had hit him or bojan zigic would not be dead GOD BLESS EVERY ONE WHO IS SUFFERING FROM THIS TRAGGIC
Alex September 10, 2012 at 01:16 PM
I am a lawyer, and i know more about this more than most people here. There is a thing called eventual premeditation, meaning that if you are fully aware that your actions can cause a criminal act and you accept it, it is considered a slightly less level of guilt than regular premeditation. Furthermore, his statement: "let him die" goes to show that it was eventual premeditation at best. Comments like third world country, let's handle this like Milosevic and execute everyone etc convey ignorance and bias. I hope next time you go on a keyboard crusade to get a little more informed on some things. Carl Spoeri killed a man, he has every right to a fair trial, and again, i say this as a lawyer, everyone must have that so they can get a sentence they objectively deserve. But again, he killed a man in cold blood and he shows no remorse. That fact alone says more about him than anything else. People have a right to a fair trial, people have a right to be angry about a murder. And yes, people do have a right to defend something they know nothing with full passion and fervor, even thou they could not be more wrong.
THINK HARD September 28, 2012 at 04:29 AM
JUST TO ADD TO A PART WHERE HIS LAWYER SAID HOW U CAN PUNCH SOMEOME TWO TIMES ABD KILL THEM WELL:Carl Spoeri is a professional boxer... which means he is trained to kill/fight.. which also tells you he knew where to hit Bojan and how to hit him which resulted in Bojans DEATH
dejan d September 30, 2012 at 06:48 PM


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