Police-Seized Porsche Sold on eBay for $33,000

Clarendon Hills Police Chief Ted Jenkins said the amount is the most the department has received for a seized vehicle in his time.

It appears Clarendon Hills village coffers have a nice Christmas bonus headed their way, courtesy of local law enforcement.

The Clarendon Hills Police Department recently sold a 2006 Porsche Cayman that it seized earlier this year for $33,000 via an eBay online auction, Chief Ted Jenkins said at Monday night's Clarendon Hills Village Board meeting.

The starting bid on eBay was $30,000, which was the best offer the department got from a local dealership. 

"We thought that anything above that would be a bonus," Jenkins said.

Six bids were submitted from four bidders during the online auction that ran from Dec. 3 to Dec. 9.

The car came into the department's possession after it was seized from its owner, who was caught driving on a license that was suspended due to a DUI charge. 

The DuPage County State's Attorney's Office represents area police departments in civil cases between departments and vehicle owners. A judge rules on the cases based on the state's statute regulating police seizures.

"The judge looks at everything," Jenkins said. "Does the offense the person was stopped for meet the state statute? Does the seizure meet all the requirements of the statute?"

The chief said there are exceptions to the statute, as well, so the judge needs to determine if the owner of the car meets any of the exceptions. 

In the Porsche's case, a judge ruled in favor of the police department. Now the car is likely headed to South Carolina, where its new owner hails from.

Jenkins said the $33,000 total is right around the Kelley Blue Book value for that particular car, and is the highest he's seen a seized vehicle sell for in his time with the department.

He said there have been seized vehicles worth more but sold for less.

"We’ve had motor homes, we’ve had a few Porsches, we’ve had a Hummer," he said. "I think Naperville had a Bentley."

State statute mandates that proceeds from the sale of alcohol-related seizures go to the village's general fund. 

The Porsche was completely paid for when it was seized, Jenkins said. Had their been a lien on the car, the lender likely would've been granted possession of the car instead of the department.

Jeff December 20, 2012 at 04:00 PM
They can seize your car for driving on a suspended license? That is ridiculous - I have heard of impounding a car but the police can take your car?
Despiser of Obama December 22, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Jeff it was an alcohol related arrested. It's the law and this guy lost and deserves it.


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