Riverside Police Will ‘Tweet’ Speed Enforcement Patrols

Riverside Police will tweet locations of speed enforcement patrols Monday through Friday.

Followers of the Riverside Police Department (RPD) on Twitter will soon know which areas  traffic enforcement officers plan to target, Monday through Friday, without having to flash their headlights at oncoming drivers.  

The new program, which gives motorists a heads up on particular enforcement areas, is the latest in Riverside Police’s efforts to partner with the community on public safety initiatives.

“Our department prides itself on being a compassionate, transparent department focused on community safety,” said Sgt. Bill Gutschick, traffic supervisor for the Riverside Police Department. “Our goals with this program are to develop a better line of communication with our citizens and visitors, and to encourage compliance with our traffic laws.”

Last year, officers investigated 279 automobile collisions in the Village of Riverside, a 2.9 percent increase over the year before. Traffic enforcement data showed that RPD issued over 5,600 total tickets in 2013, with the average speeding ticket written for motorists traveling 14.7 mph over the posted speed limit.

By reminding citizens regularly to drive safely, Riverside Police hope the advance Tweets will encourage drivers to slow down and obey traffic laws.

“We believe in exhaustively communicating with our citizens in two-way conversations that help us build trust and understanding,” Chief Thomas Weitzel said. “Traffic enforcement is about public safety, not revenue. If this type of communication can help make Riverside streets safer, it will be a win-win for this department and this community.”

Riverside Police will be the first police agency in the Illinois to give advance notice via Twitter as to the location and times of the speed enforcement zone details. RPD will also tweet out other traffic enforcement details, such as DUI roadblocks, seat belt enforcement zones, and school zone details.

The Riverside Police Department is on Twitter at @pdriverside.


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