Hawk Attacks Reported in Southwest Suburbs

Summit residents report hawks are getting feisty in southwest suburb.

Summit officials have placed signs around the village warning residents of aggressive hawks after neighbors reported hawks dive-bombing and attacking them, WGN News reported on Saturday.

The birds are swooping down on passers-by. Neighbors say the birds of prey are protecting their nests, so they’re giving the hawks a wide berth.

A neighbor told WGN Ch. 9 reporter Tom Negovan that a hawk swooped down on her head Saturday night and took off with her readings glasses. 

Another man said that a hawk approached him from behind and grabbed a beak full of the man's hair.

Residents report there have been quite a few attacks near Harlem and Archer, not too far away from Midway Airport, WGN News said.

The hawks are federally-protected so there isn’t much the village can do to stop the attacks, except wait for nesting season to be over and perhaps wear a pith helmet. 

Via WGN-TV Ch. 9 News


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