Western Springs Burglaries Subject of PD Alert

Four burglaries have been reported around town over the last three weeks.

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The following is a release from the Western Springs Police Department:

The Western Springs Police Department would like to inform residents that there have been reports of four residential burglaries occurring within the last three weeks. These reported burglaries have taken place between approximately 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. during various weekdays. Two of the burglaries have taken place in the 4100 block of Ellington Avenue and the others occurred in the Springdale area. 

Forced entry was made through the rear door in all of the burglaries. There were no homeowners present during any of these burglaries, and various amounts of U.S. currency and small pieces of jewelry have been stolen. There are no suspects at this time. However, it is believed that the suspect(s) may park his/her vehicle and walk through rear yards in an attempt to enter/exit the targeted residence. 

A common tactic that burglars use is to knock on the front door to see if anyone answers. If someone does answer, the offender will typically ask for someone that does not live there, and/or the offender has an excuse as to what they are doing there. These given explanations still do not offer a real reason to be there. 

Here are some preventative measures to avoid being a victim of a residential burglary:

1. Develop a relationship with neighbors in which you watch each other's residence while away. Neighborhood Watch is a proven method of crime prevention through reporting suspicious activity to the police department. Check your landscaping to keep your driveway and yard area open and visible to neighbors. Call 911 if you observe any of the following: 

  • Unfamiliar subjects appearing from between homes
  • Unfamiliar subjects knocking on doors and then going to the rear of the home
  • Vehicle dome lights left on
  • Unusual dog barking

2. Don't be an easy target. Lock all first-floor windows with auxiliary lock mechanisms. Use a bar to fit tightly into the track of sliding windows or doors. You can have an inexpensive dowel cut to fit snugly in the window track. This will prevent the window from being slid open. Remember, exterior doors should always be locked whether you are home or not.
Mike McCurdy January 22, 2014 at 07:20 AM
Crazy time frame for a burglary, especially 4 of them that could be related. I wonder if the victims have anything in common - workplace, activities that put them away from home during those hours, etc.?
Cheryl P January 22, 2014 at 11:19 AM
It is. It gets dark early and I see a lot of houses pitch black when I drive home from work. Invest in a couple of inexpensive timers to light up your house at dusk.


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