Bids Shot Down for Gordon Park Until Feb. Meeting

The ongoing discussion over the park in northeast La Grange will continue for another month as the Park District Board shot down a $2.2 million improvement plan.

The Park District of La Grange Board has placed a hold on approving bids for renovating Gordon Park due to the objections of two members, one of whom cited the lack of recent community hearings on the plan, The Doings La Grange reports.

"I believe in fixing up the park, but let people know about it," read a quote from Lynn Lacey, who voted nay to the $2.2 million in improvements along with Robert Ashby. "Eight years ago, people were talking about these plans, and some have moved."

According to the paper, a $400,000 grant is in jeopardy if improvements to the park are not completed by the end of 2013; the Village Board has authorized up to $2.6 million in funds to renovate the park.

Read the full story at The Doings La Grange website.

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Bruno Fontana January 28, 2013 at 04:06 PM
Amen Lynn. FULL DISCLOSURE-please, that's all most citizens are asking for. G-Park is a gateway to our village. What do you currently see at Ogden and LG Road? A Sprint Store? The Bedding Place? That Park should serve as an extension of our downtown. The original plan was done with a pre-2008’s economy in mind (did we need a butterfly sanctuary?). Additionally, it became mired in one man's obsession to uncover the truth...whatever that was? So to the Village Board, let’s get it together, disclose expenses, bids, spending, etc...and beautify the park for those of us to love and are loyal to this town.
Erik Bloecks January 30, 2013 at 03:13 PM
This is starting to look like Chicago's Block 37.


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