Candidates File for Western Springs Offices in 2013 Election

A complete list of candidates who have filed for offices in the April election.

The following people have filed for candidacy in the 2013 election for offices relating to the Village of Western Springs.

** – denotes incumbent

Village of Western Springs President

(One seat available. Incumbent: William Rodeghier)

  • William Rodeghier (Western Springs) **

Village of Western Springs Clerk 

(One seat available. Incumbent: Jeanine Jasica)

  • Jeanine Jasica (Western Springs) **

Village of Western Springs Trustee

(Three seats available. Incumbents: Suzanne Glowiak, James Horvath, Deborah Lyons)

  • Alice Gallagher (Western Springs)
  • Suzanne Glowiak (Western Springs) **
  • James Horvath (Western Springs) **

Thomas Ford Memorial Library Trustee 

(Five seats available. Incumbents: John Ericson, Nancy Harris, Jim Landman, Robert Milano, Lorraine Mitchell,) 

  • John Ericson (Western Springs) **
  • George Letten (Western Springs)
  • Robert Milano (Western Springs) **
  • Laurel Schumm (Western Springs)
  • Amanda Smith (Western Springs)

Western Springs Park District Trustee

(Four seats available. Incumbents: Jennifer Cromheecke, Robert Daman, Walter Knake, Damian Marshall)

  • Christopher Dallavo (Western Springs)
  • Arthur Frese (Western Springs)
  • Walter Knake (Western Springs) **
  • Angelo Velliotis (Western Springs)

District 101 Board

(Four seats available. Incumbents: Marty Brown, Karen Gibbs, Laura Lipinski, Mark Ptacek)

  • Lisa Garvin (Western Springs)
  • Karen Gibbs (Western Springs) **
  • Michael Johnson (Western Springs)
  • Charles Mudd, Jr. (Western Springs)
  • Julie O’Connor (Western Springs)
  • Elizabeth Reedy  (Western Springs)
  • Brian Spears (Western Springs)

District 106 Board

(Four seats available. Incumbents; Ireme Combs, Sean Conboy, John Corcoran, Tom Hinshaw.) 

  • John Corcoran (Indian Head Park) **
  • Laurine Scheer (Indian Head Park)
  • Natalie Watkins (Indian Head Park)
  • Christopher Johnson (Western Springs)
  • Dan Rolgner  (Indian Head Park)
  • Michael Dickman (La Grange Highlands)

District 204 Board

(Four seats available. Incumbents: Tom Cushing, George Dougherty, Mark Pera, Todd Shapiro)

  • Tom Cushing (La Grange) **
  • George Dougherty (La Grange) **
  • Mark Pera (Western Springs) **
  • Todd Shapiro (La Grange Park) **

Lyons Township Supervisor

(One seat available. Incumbent: William Mundy)

  • William Mundy (Summit) **
  • Michael Murray (Countryside)

Lyons Township Clerk

(One seat available. Incumbent: Mary Jo Noonan)

  • Dawn Araujo (Summit)
  • Mary Jo Noonan (Western Springs) **

Lyons Township Assessor

(One seat available. Incumbent: Barbara Weyrick)

  • Raymond Hodson (Justice)
  • Barbara Weyrick (Countryside) **

Lyons Township Highway Commission

(One seat available. Incumbent: Sean McDermott)

  • Sean McDermott (Countryside) **
  • Ed Metz (Lyons)

Lyons Township Trustee

(Four seats available. Incumbents: Mark Anderson, Tom Garrette, Colleen Kelly, Timothy Sprague)

  • Mark Anderson (Lyons) **
  • Tom Garrette (Justice) **
  • Frank Geraci (Bedford Park)
  • Kenneth Getty (Lyons)
  • Colleen Kelly (Hickory Hills) **
  • Yara Misna (La Grange)
  • Timothy Sprague (La Grange) **
  • Jeanne Stack (La Grange Highlands)

Proviso Township Supervisor

(One seat available. Incumbent: Michael Corrigan)

  • Michael Corrigan (La Grange Park) **

Proviso Township Assessor

(One seat available. Incumbent: Steven Zawaski)

  • Steven Zawaski (Western Springs) **

Proviso Township Clerk

(One seat available. Incumbent: William Daugherty, Jr.)

  • Anthony Williams (Melrose Park)

Proviso Township Trustee

(Four seats available. Incumbents: Timothy Gillian, Mari Herrell, Don Sloan, Anthony Williams)

  • Evelyn Chavez (Stone Park)
  • Joseph Christopher (Westchester)
  • Mari Herrell (Bellwood) **
  • Clarence Thomas (Broadview)
Joan March 12, 2013 at 02:06 PM
Please correct - For District 106 School Board the candidate's name is Dan Dolgner (with a "D"), not Rolgner.


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