La Grange, Indian Head Park Voters Pass Electrical Aggregation

By nearly a 2-1 margin, voters chose to let their Villages negotiate for better electricity rates.

The Village of La Grange and the Village of Indian Head Park will now be able to bargain as collective units for better electricity rates (for residents who do not opt out) after a referendum on Tuesday's ballot passed by a margin of nearly 2-1.

In La Grange, the referendum passed with 4,301 residents voting in favor (65.39 percent) and 34.61 percent voting against (34.61 percent).

In Indian Head Park, the margin was slightly less: 1,227 residents voted in favor (63.87 percent) and 694 residents against (36.13 percent.)

County-wide, 15 other towns passed electrical-aggregation measures (17 total), while such measures failed in four towns (Alsip, Blue Island, Elmwood Park and Lynwood).


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