Lipinski Thanks Voters for Support in Uncontested Primary

Western Springs Democrat will face GOP candidate Sharon Brannigan in November for Third District Congressional seat.

U.S. Rep. greets a veteran at a Memorial Day ceremony in Oak Lawn in 2011.
U.S. Rep. greets a veteran at a Memorial Day ceremony in Oak Lawn in 2011.

Although he ran uncontested in the Illinois primary, U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski thanked votes in the Third Congressional District for their support anyway.

The Western Springs Democrat faces Republican Sharron Brannigan, who won 60 percent of the GOP vote in the primary, next November.

“I want to thank the people of the Third District for their support in the election. During this campaign I continued to do what I have always done, meet with and listen to people all across my district at Metra stations, senior citizen centers, grocery stores, churches, veterans halls, and numerous community events. So many families are still struggling to make ends meet and are frustrated at Washington's partisan bickering. That is why my constituents have continued to respond positively to the independent, commonsense leadership I provide at home and in Washington. I will continue to work to bring people together to put Americans back to work, defend the Middle Class, strengthen Social Security and Medicare, improve our transportation system, fix our broken healthcare system, honor our veterans, and put our fiscal house in order."


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