10 Reasons Why People from Illinois are Grumpy

Are Illinoisans grumpy? It makes sense that they would be after reading this list.

Illinois can be a tough state to live in at times. While we like to think that Illinoisans are a resilient bunch, we have to admit there are sometimes where optimism wanes and Illinoisans can just be a grumpy bunch. Do any of these resonate with you?


Maybe Illinoisans are grumpy because they live in one of the ten cities with the highest unemployment rates in the state?


This of course doesn't mean all Illinoisans are grumpy. It's fair to say those who live in the "10 best cities in Illinois" shouldn't be too grumpy at all.


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Jim W April 15, 2014 at 10:59 PM
Phaedrus, from you I take that as a high compliment. I most definitely believe in and support unions.
Momx4inGeneva April 16, 2014 at 04:33 AM
@William, You are the reason many folks leave this town. Liberal values, no sense of neighborhood trust, and pure judgment. So...should I tell my children they were conceived by a "sperm donor" as you think? Believe me, you didn't get me "worked up", only my "sperm donor" can do that. Sorry to disappoint. I won't even acknowledge the rest of your pint-sized egotistical comments. Talk to me when you have a disabled child, are a cancer survivor, and work hard enough to understand the real value of Conservative life. I am leaving this uppity town soon. It's quite sad, truthfully. I talk to many and they want out because of people you. I am leaving Illinois, I won't look back on Geneva as a good place to be even though I've been here 13 years. I only stayed for my "Sperm donor-ed children". You're a ruthless pig. William? William who? Reveal yourself like a real man would. You're a coward just like a terrorist. Saying ruthless things to belittle a woman, you're also an abuser. Seems to me your a bitter old man. May God forgive you, for he knows not what he does.
Momx4inGeneva April 16, 2014 at 04:48 AM
@William you need to be "Booted" out of this town, and State. You can take your threats and abuse with you. You, the old man, married, but hasn't ever been able to shoot a "X" anything. Sorry God hasn't blessed you with a womb to carry your evilness.
Phaedrus Pirsig April 16, 2014 at 10:04 AM
Jim, that's fine, I was only mirroring your own comments. Are you also proud that all your neighbors property taxes are going up? I have neighbors that been on my street for 25-40 years that are being forced out of their homes because the city took away their long term resident discount and shrank their senior citizen discount 85%. All due to union pensions. Are you proud that this is the worst state in the country fiscally because of union debt. Debt procured by union backed politicians. Do you think your neighbors, friends and family that aren't union members are proud of you for the debt they pay? What do you think non-union people say about you behind your back? Jim do you worry that the city or state will go bankrupt and you will get nothing because your union won't compromise? Anyway, thank you for displaying your pride, we all know what comes after it.


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