New Lanes Ensure Easier Walk for Highlands Elementary Students

Without the resources to add costly sidewalks, the La Grange Highlands community has come up with another effective way to ensure safer passage to its elementary school.

Two new striped lanes along Howard Avenue in unincorporated La Grange Highlands are helping to ensure a safer drive for Highlands Elementary School students, The Doings La Grange reports.

The pathways were developed by the Lyons Township Highway Department and a District 106 committee devoted to safe student travel, the paper reported. The lanes also presumably benefit Highlands Middle School students as well; the middle school sits adjacent to the elementary school.

“It was a great project, a great collaborative effort between the school and community members,” Township highway commissioner Sean McDermott told the paper. “Depending on our budget for next year, we’d like to extend it further to 55th Street, north of the school.”

Read the full story at the Doings La Grange website.


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