Township Board Preparing to Sue Healy

The Township of Lyons is preparing legal action against its former treasurer to recover $276,000 in taxpayer money; Healy has pledged a countersuit.

The Township of Lyons is preparing its legal case against former school treasurer Robert Healy with the aim of recovering over a quarter million dollars in taxpayer money that Healy allegedly cashed in unused days off, The Doings La Grange reports.

While the total amount allegedly paid to the ex-treasurer was about $539,000, Healy offered to return about $262,000 of that in his late-August resignation letter, according to the paper.

Healy’s actions, along with other alleged questionable practices by the Township School Treasurer’s Office, have been reported multiple times by the watchdog group Better Government Organization.

Township school board trustee Theron Tobolski told the paper of the intent to pursue a lawsuit, declining further comment due to Healy’s pledge to countersue. Tobolski also said that the Cook County State Attorney’s Office would be involved.

Read the full Doings report here.

Jeffrey Lee October 05, 2012 at 01:25 PM
Good- this should be thoroughly investigated and aired in public


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