Disorderly Neighbor Charged, Tremor Shakes Western Springs: November's Top Stories

Other big Western Springs stories from last month detail the arrest of a woman on a prostitution warrant, and a two-burglary day in town.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.
We're moving on from November to December, but we certainly won't forget some of the big stories from the last month.

In reverse order, here are the top 10 most-read local stories from November on Western Springs Patch, according to our reader metrics.

10. Memphis Kicker, LT Grad Jake Elliott Up for National Award: Elliott set a University of Memphis record with a 56-yard field goal Saturday against South Florida. (Nov. 19)

9. Petition Seeks Trial in Kelli O'Laughlin Case: The case that will enter its fourth calendar year at its next hearing in January has been delayed by defendant John L. Wilson's indecisiveness about legal representation. (Nov. 14)

8. LT Student Brings Weapon to School: Police: Also in recent La Grange police reports: A woman is hospitalized for possibly having swallowed her phone at church. (Nov. 20)

7. Western Springs Obituaries: Alison Fitzpatrick, 44: Patch provides information on Western Springs residents recently lost. (Nov. 19)

6. Western Springs Man Charged With Stalking Judge: John Euwema is expected to appear in court Wednesday, according to the Daily Herald. (Nov. 12)

5. Little Monkey Bizness Closing Friday: The amusement center in Western Springs has been in business since 2009. (Nov. 21)

4. 2 Western Springs Burglaries Reported on Same Day: One of the incidents was a break-in that took place while no one was home, and the other was a ruse-entry burglary that targeted an elderly resident. (Nov. 18)

3. Monday's Tremor Caused by Quarry Blast: USGS: Hinsdale police and the USGS both report that the shaking is believed to have been caused by a quarry blast. (Nov. 4)

2. Woman With Prostitution-Related Warrant Arrested: Western Springs police reports, Oct. 28-Nov. 3. (Nov. 4)

1. Woman Charged With Disorderly Conduct After Spreading Debris on Neighbor's Property: Western Springs police reports, Nov. 18-24. (Nov. 25)


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